Squatting in the Darkness / audience invited

In the end of July we gathered bits and pieces from our four-weeks-stay in Skagaströnd, Iceland, and brought them together in the former cooler of a closed fish factory. Videoprojection, performance, sound and music filled the space together with clay, seaweed and found objects of local life.

The 26th of July was the public invited to experience a series of tablaux vivant which were fragments of our research and perspectives on various moods and existential positions - not completely without humour - emerging from ideas of ”Squatting in the Darkness” and impacts from the local community.

From here we want to proceed in our experimentation with the performative space for festivals, but also as a space which is meant to be left afterwards for the audience of an exhibition space, moving through fragments of an installation which bears traces of what has happened before.

Images from the project at www.squattinginthedarkness.blogspot.com